Morning Glory

May 29 West oz.
Struck by jet lag after returning from Brazil here is how my morning played out…

6.42am My first surf check at first light. Couple of wild wedges in the corner but decided to keep looking.

6.53am Love being up early and catching the sunrise!

7.04am Next spot was clean but had too many closeouts.

7.12 Coffee shop is open! Time to get extra wired on my hunt for waves.

7.21am Another peak that looked fun, but was a bit fat with the super high tide.

7.28am I find exactly what i’m looking for! This reef had some sick slabs and i’m out there!

9.53am After a couple hours of getting piped i had to laugh at my mate Brat who copped a fin in the kicker, haaa!

9.54am Thrilled with the start of my day, off to breaky then back on the hunt for session #2, YEW!

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